9 Ways To Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students


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Many students in India do not come from a family that has a secure and brawny financial picture and are in need of money most of the time but due to their financial background and sincerity they don't want to bother their parents. 

Thus to fulfill their money related requirements they begin to search for some online part time jobs and get in a pool full with scammers or discover a job that demands an initial investment from them. 

The basic fundamental of earning is you have to learn a skill and then provide service related to it to people and charge them. The majority of jobs we will be mentioning here will be skill based jobs and you have to first learn that skill according to your interest. 

 So Seeing student's need we are with 9 online jobs without investment and are fully work from home :

9 Ways To Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students

Content Writing

Content Writing
Content Writing

If writing articles really attracts you and you can write lucrative and meaningful content then my friend there are many people out there who are in search of writers like you. For those who want tto learn writing skills can see YouTube videos related to it and can get their answer on  how to earn money online without investment in mobile

How to search for work:

  • List your service on freelancing platforms
  •  You can also Find work on telegram too
  • You can directly contact to bloggers 



Blogging is one of the evergreen ways to earn money all over the world though it has really a hard competition in itself now but one can really earn money through it if he works in the right way. Blogging will not start to pay you from day one but it can become a good earning source for you in future.You can make a blog free on blogger and can also buy a paid hosting that is not so expensive. 

Right ways to earn from blog :

  • Work on right keywords
  • Keywords should be of lower KD
  • Do niche research thoroughly 
  • Be patient and serious about it 



Millions of people scroll YouTube on a daily basis and really spend a significant time of their day on the platform in search for good and interesting content so this can be a opportunity to earn money online without investment for students as they can start a YouTube channel in their favorite niche and build an audience as well as starting earning from it in future. 

Tips for starting a YouTube channel

  • Selected niche should have a decent amount of audience
  • You should interested in the particular niche 
  • You should be paying attention to SEO also 
  • Be patient



In transcription you are provided with some audio files and you have to convert it in written form. This is really a easy job that can generate you a significant amount of money and will help you in  earning money online without investment

From where you can find work:

  • Find work on freelancing platforms
  • List yourself on transcription websites like scribie. Com
  • You can also work on youtubers

Web Development

Web Development

Web development being the fastest growing sector provides a number of quality online jobs that can be both part time and full time too. One has to just learn web development that he/she can freely do through YouTube and then can earn a decent amount. This can be really a good option to  earn money online without investment for students

Websites from where you can find work :

  • Freelancer 
  • Upwork
  • Github
  • Fiverr
  • Or you can construct a lucrative website for local businesses too

App development

Web Development

The tech sector is growing really fast and every micro niche in it is really providing quality jobs where one can work in both part time and  full time hours making it worthy to earn money online. There are plenty of free app development courses that are available on google and YouTube too. One can learn app development in about 3-4 months and then can work for clients . Students can even make it their full time courier after their studies . 

How you can monetize this skill:

  • Find work on freelancing platforms 
  • You can build apps for startups 
  • You can create your own app and earn from it in future

Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping
Mystery shopping

In mystery shopping you will be ordered to buy some products online or by going to outlets physically and then review the company's services . Then you will be paid money for this and the products you bought will be left to you for free. You can search about it online to get detailed information. 

Websites from where you can find work

  • Appen. Com
  • Floorwalk. In
  • Or you can apply on job providing sites like Indeed. Com

Tips For You:- If You are student and can't able to focus on study then you should read - Best Ways to Study for Long Hours



 Doing Internships is one of the best ways of making money in your student life as not only it will pay you but you will get experience ultimately enhancing your Resume which will benefit you in future. You should find online paid internships related to your course. 

How you can find internships

  • Find work on job providing websites like, indeed. Com ,
  • Your Institute can also provide you a internship opportunity
  • Network with your seniors and ask them 
  • You can also Approach startups directly

Become a online tutor 

Become a online tutor
Become a online tutor 

So as you are a student you can teach others too who will be junior to you. If your past concepts are clear you can really rock in Teaching field and earn a attractive amount of money also you can make it your full time courier later 

How you can get work 

  • Teach on online teaching platforms like byjus, whitehat jr, udemy etc
  • You can start a YouTube channel 
  • You can start you online Institute also


How can I make 2000 rs daily in India? 

You can make 2000 rs daily in India after you will gain a decent amount of experience in a particular field. 

The above mentioned jobs really have potential to generate 2000rs daily for you. If you will work hard on your niche and you will definitely see the results. 

How can a beginner make money? 

For beginners making money will be hard to some extent but if they work smartly and sustain patience inside them they would definitely earn money. 

How can students earn money while studying

Students can make money online without getting their studies affected if they work in the right way and also devote some time to their studies daily and many students are doing that. 


So these are some ways through which you can earn a significant amount of money. All the ways will help you in  earning money online free and  earn money online india. So if you also had questions on how to earn money online without investment or  how to earn money online without investment in mobile then we hope the article really helped you and answered the question how to earn money online in india for students. Hope you liked the article and please follow us for future articles on the topic to earn money online. 

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